Our Company

Amalgamated Research LLC (ARi) conducts process research and development, specializing in separation, mixing, and fluid distribution/collection technologies. ARi’s services range from lab and pilot-scale testing to full-scale industrial installation.

ARi develops and installs industrial separation and purification systems, including simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography and ion exchange processes. ARi’s separation technologies are installed worldwide and serve a diverse range of industries, including food and sweeteners, renewables and biofuels, water treatment, mining, and petroleum.

ARi is the inventor of engineered fractals for fluid transport, which improve efficiency in distribution and mixing processes. Compared to conventional mixers and fluid distributors, ARi’s patented fractal technology demonstrates significant reductions in energy use and improves accuracy during process scale-up.

ARi provides customers with a full spectrum of support, from lab and pilot-scale research to industrial implementation and ongoing technical assistance. ARi’s lab and pilot facilities are continually expanding to support product innovation, and these facilities are available for customer R&D and process demonstration.

ARi is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC, allowing ARi to operate as an independent company while being backed by one of the largest and most experienced sugar processors in the United States. The established history and secure structure of ARi provides customers with confidence that projects will be carried out to completion with innovation and reliability.