Fractal Services

Fractal Design and Fabrication

How are fractals designed for a given process?

The goals and required geometry for a process are combined with the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for evaluation of design concepts. Modeling is followed by prototype construction and pilot-scale testing with required fluids in the process of interest. ARi follows appropriate test protocols and provides quality assurance reports throughout the testing process.

How does ARi provide fractals?

Fractals are provided with ARi’s novel process technology, including SMB chromatography, ion exchange systems, and more. For other applications, ARi can design and manufacture fractals on a contract basis for a user’s particular process, or fractals can be provided through one of several licensees of ARi fractal technology. Following the determination of fluid compatibility, materials of construction, and other process specifics, fractals are manufactured under the supervision of ARi personnel. Ongoing follow-up is provided to assure reliable long-term operation.