Shallow Bed

British Softener

Due to ARi's invention of fractal distribution, a number of additional technologies have been enabled. One of the most useful of these new technologies is shallow bed processing. By taking advantage of uniform and efficient fractal distribution, vessels can be constructed using very shallow beds of processing media.

ARi's fractal softener is an example of fractal shallow bed processing. These ion exchange systems can be designed with just a few inches of resin depth, and they operate at capacities up to 50 times greater than conventional softeners. Learn more about ARi’s ion exchange technology.

Advantages of Fractal Shallow Bed Technology:

  • Vessels with very low bed height to width ratio can be successfully designed.
  • An over-packed bed is not required to obtain uniform flow distribution through the vessel.
  • Bed pressure drop is not required to enable uniform flow distribution through the vessel.
  • Flow rate can be increased significantly due to a large decrease in pressure drop.
  • Linear velocity through the bed is decreased, improving diffusion-limited processes.
  • Capital cost is reduced since the required vessel size is decreased.
  • Footprint is significantly reduced.
  • Due to low pressure, ordinarily unacceptable but desirable (e.g., low cost, easily machinable) construction materials can be used.
  • Highly compressible media or highly viscous solutions can be used while maintaining high productivity.
  • Smaller diameter media particles can be used, reducing HETP.
  • The size of peripheral equipment (pumps, tanks and industrial equipment) can be reduced.

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