Amalgamated Research LLC (ARi) has been providing services and technology to customers worldwide for nearly 40 years.

Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Amalgamated Research originally served as the research and development department of the Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC, which was established in 1897 and is the second largest sugar beet processor in the United States. In 1995, the research department split to form Amalgamated Research, Inc. (ARi), an independent company.

ARi operated independently until 2008, when it was bought back by Amalgamated Sugar as a wholly owned subsidiary. Now under the name Amalgamated Research LLC, the company maintains operation as ARi, a name that customers recognize and trust for product innovation and reliability.

ARi installed its first industrial-scale simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography system in 1981 for high-fructose corn syrup production, and since that time, ARi has installed SMB and other separation systems for a variety of applications worldwide. These include the first use of SMB chromatography for beet molasses and the largest capacity SMB system in the world (750 tons per day).

In 1994, ARi patented the first fractal fluid distributor, becoming the first company in the world to manufacture engineered fractals for industrial use. The scope of applications for ARi’s fractal technology has since broadened to include fractal mixers, reactors, aerators, and more.

Today, ARi’s separation systems and fractal technology are installed for a diverse range of applications in more than 20 countries worldwide.