Fractal Fluid Control

ARi is the world leader in the research, development, and implementation of fluid control using fractal technology.


Applications ranging from sugar and sweeteners to renewable chemicals and biomass hydrolysates.

Ion Exchange

Applications include decalcification in the sweetener industry, demineralization, decolorization, municipal water treatment, and more.


Amalgamated Research patents and patent applications, and products.

ARi’s industrial process systems have been in service since the 1980s. Through continuous research and process development, ARi has become a world leader for providing high-efficiency separation, mixing, and fluid distribution/collection technologies.

ARi has extensive experience developing turnkey separation solutions using chromatography and adsorption. ARi has installed simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography and ion exchange systems for numerous applications worldwide, including the first use of SMB chromatography for beet molasses and the largest capacity SMB system in the world (750 tons per day).

ARi’s patented fractal fluid control maximizes utilization and performance of process media and equipment. This fluid control provides unprecedented plug flow characteristics, allowing for process intensification and reduced energy consumption. ARi has designed fractal distributors and mixers for a wide range of applications, including chromatography, ion exchange, distillation, combustion, and more.