Ion Exchange

Amalgamated Research LLC has been designing and installing ion exchange and adsorption systems for over 30 years. Applications include decalcification in the sweetener industry, demineralization, decolorization, municipal water treatment, and more.

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About Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is the process of removing unwanted dissolved ions from a solution and replacing them with other, more desirable ions of similar charge. The exchange occurs by passing the solution through a solid phase, typically an ion exchange resin. The ionic contaminants in the solution are exchanged with the desirable ions on the surface of the resin. Over time, the resin becomes saturated with the contaminant ions, at which point the resin can be regenerated and returned to its original ionic form.

ARi’s ion exchange and adsorption systems offer the advantages of fractal fluid distribution, which provides significant cost and operational advantages over conventional ion exchange systems. These advantages include:

  • Greater turndown capacity
  • Sustained operating capacity
  • Reduced equipment size
  • Increased yields
  • High product purities
  • Lower rinse water requirements
  • Reduced environmental concerns and low life cycle costs

ARi has developed working relationships with all major ion exchange resin suppliers and can recommend and qualify the proper resin for each application.